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"A picture is a poem without words"
- Horace

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"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up"

- Pablo Picasso


-Albert Einstien

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Illustration, Digital Art by Debra Brewer Art 2018

Mission VR City

Mission VR City

Debra Brewer Art for LMichelle Media

A friend of mine came to and asked If I would draw or paint a VR experience for her company    I was honored and a little nervous because I had no idea what the VR/AR world is really all about.  The VR  (Virtual Reality)  experience she asked me to create was for her Mission VR initiative program .   Neither one of us really knew where this take us or what this would look like.  I started to sketch a few characters and as we spoke about her journey with the VR world; I asked her " what about a VR City?"  So this is where the concept began.  The city would have different streets representing her experiences.  The Mission VR City was completed in about 2 weeks.  That is amazing!  God is amazing.  The city will continue to grow as her journey grows.  Now to take this to another level in the picture you will see a Zappar code.  Go to your mobile store and download the zappar.  Now get ready for another experience as you step inside the Mission VR City.  Hold the zappar app over the picture zappar code and click and explore the icons as you take a look around the Mission VR. 

Process: Sketch, Illustrator & Photoshop 

Mission VR City

By Debra Brewer Art 2018

Artwork and video clip was created for LMichelleMedia.

If you would like a VR experience created for your business or Church contact L.Michelle at