Debra Brewer

Mixed Media Artist

About Me

About Me

Mixed Media Artist/Freelance Graphic Designer


Hi my name is Debra Brewer.  I am a artist and graphic designer.   I have been doing art for a few years now.  I love to express myself in art.  Art for me has a healing effect.  I love how you are able to express how you see the world in a colorful way.  When I do my art I hope that my work speaks to someone in a special way.  Art is a journey sometimes it isn't a easy journey but with art I love how you can take something that doesnt seem beautiful and turn it into a beautiful masterpiece.  

I have learned that through art allows you to test your faith.  You may want to give up but keep going.   

I like to use a variety of mediums in my artwork: Pastels, watercolor, acrylic & ink.  Digital Painting